Five Songs That Should Be On Everyone’s Memorial Day Playlist

For many people, Memorial Day has become just another holiday. It’s just a day to hang out with the family and grill.  I’m not opposed to celebrating today in the slightest – but I hope everyone will take a few moments to remember the meaning of Memorial Day. Regardless of how you’re spending your Memorial Day, these five songs will hopefully move you and remind you of the great sacrifices our fallen heroes have made.

5. Some Gave All (Billy Ray Cyrus)

This song is a great reminder of the reason we celebrate Memorial Day. Cyrus tells the story in this song of a friend who gave his life on the battlefield. The closing lines are words to remember: “If you ever think of me / think of all your liberties / and recall that some gave all.”

4. Just a Dream (Carrie Underwood)

Just a Dream is a heartbreaking song written from the perspective of a young bride who lost her husband overseas. She attends church in her wedding dress, but in reality she is witnessing the funeral of her husband. She prays that all of her pain is just a dream. It’s a great reminder that our fallen heroes aren’t the only ones who have made great sacrifices for our freedom. Every soldier leaves behind a mother and father, a brother and a sister, or a wife and kids who have to live with the pain long after the sounds of the 21-gun salute have gone quiet.

3. If You’re Reading This (Tim McGraw)

Tim McGraw delivers a powerful tribute to our fallen heroes, written from the perspective of a soldier who has given his life overseas. The soldier writes a letter before his death to be delivered to his family. He writes “If you’re reading this, I’m already home.” It’s a moving reminder of the sacrifices our heroes have made for our freedom. Good luck trying to get through this song without getting a little misty-eyed.

2. Arlington (Trace Adkins)

This is a haunting song that captures the spirit of Arlington National Cemetery. Trace Adkins sings, in his memorable voice, the story of a soldier who is buried at Arlington.

1. I Drive Your Truck (Lee Brice)

If you’ve made it through the first four songs without shedding a few tears, this song will put an end to that. Lee Brice delivers an emotionally-charged song about dealing with the loss of a fallen hero. Powerful and moving song that has always been one of my personal favorites.

I hope you and your family have a blessed Memorial Day. Never forget the price of our freedom. It came at a great cost, and we should never take it for granted.

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Conrad Close
Conrad is a marketing and public relations professional. With extensive experience in political and media strategy, Conrad is dedicated to helping companies and organizations serve their customers and supporters through effective marketing and PR. When not working, Conrad spends his time watching baseball or hanging out at home with his fiancée, Stephanie, and their golden retriever, Wrigley.