WATCH: Virginia Pastor Gives a Message Of Hope To Women Who Have Had An Abortion

Virginia pastor Garrett Kell has close ties to abortion in his past. In fact, he even personally participated in an abortion years ago. So when he was recently asked what he would say to someone who had gotten an abortion, he took the question seriously. Coming from a deeply personal perspective, Kell gave a powerful answer that summarized the Gospel in under two minutes.

“If I had to give someone who has had an abortion one word, it would be ‘Jesus,’ Kell said. Jesus came for people like you, and like me. I want you to know that in Him there is forgiveness, there’s grace, there’s healing, and there’s restoration.”

Watch the whole video below:

We as Christians can all learn from this. Rather than condemning or looking down upon women who have had abortions, we should seek to understand them, to sympathize with them, and most of all, to share with them the message of Jesus. No matter how broken they are, Jesus reaches out to them with grace, forgiveness, and healing. That’s the power of the Gospel.

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