God is Not Dead but He’s Not Allowed to Advertise It

The Republican National Convention in Cleveland next week is bound to be a bombardment of advertisements and billboards for both pro- and anti-conservative movements, principles, and media.

Among the many advertisements to grace the city next week, however, one was refused for a confounding reason.

While Orange Barrel Media, the company that distributed billboards in Cleveland for the convention did grant a purchase to the atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation, they refused to allow an advertisement for the DVD release of God’s Not Dead2 because they felt the message was excessively political.

Orange Barrel Media cited RNC language prohibiting “scandalous” promotions to be displayed at the Committee.

The billboard distributor deemed the poster, which was emblazoned with the quote, “I’d rather stand with God and be judged by the world than stand with the world and be judged by God,” “too political [and] way too incendiary.”

This quote, Orange Barrel said, would surely make convention goers uncomfortable—being judged by God is clearly “incendiary.”

Clearly the GOP doesn’t deem the message of this movie to qualify as “scandalous” because the night before the Convention is set to commence a worship service is being held followed by a screening of the film.

The City of Cleveland, in fact, has made efforts to work with the RNC to ensure that anti-Republican efforts don’t excessively disrupt the Convention. A spokesman for the mayor commented that the city has no objections to the God is Not Dead 2 advertisement or the quote.

The rejection of this advertisement is clearly an intentional act at denying religious-themed language. The film distributors have mentioned their frustration at the last-minute refusal of their signage and are where never given an exact reason for the repudiation.

A reminder of religious principles and the judgement of actions may be much needed at the Republican National Convention, but Orange Barrel seems defiant.