Macy’s Confirms Decision To End Donations To Planned Parenthood

The American retail chain Macy’s confirmed last week that the company will no longer donate to Planned Parenthood.

The activism group 2nd Vote, an organization that monitors political spending and donations of major corporations, announced last week that Macy’s confirmed the decision to them in an email.

Macy’s has ceased all donations to Planned Parenthood, including matching employee donations to the abortion giant, according to a report on 2nd Vote’s Website.

Lance Wray, the Executive Director and General Counsel of 2nd Vote, said the credit for this change is due to “2ndVote members who have engaged these companies for their position on the Life issue.”

2nd Vote was founded in 2013 by Dr. David L. Black, after he discovered that donations to the March of Dimes were secretly being funneled to Planned Parenthood. The mission of the organization, according to its website,┬áis to “expose the corporations and organizations funding liberal advocacy.”

“By putting big business on watch through our extensive research on the most important issues of the day, our mission is to expose the corporate influence on major policy decisions and turn the tide on the attacks on conservative values and principles,” reads the mission statement on 2nd Vote’s website.

After undercover videos surfaced last year that showed Planned Parenthood doctors and executives working to sell body parts of aborted fetuses, several major companies distanced themselves from the abortion provider. Ford, Coca Cola, Xerox, and AT&T all announced that they had ceased donations to Planned Parenthood.

These changes are significant, as Planned Parenthood receives over 25% of its annual $1.3 billion in revenue from private and corporate contributions. The abortion provider also receives more that $500 million dollars in federal government funding every year, which is over 40% of its annual revenue.

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