WATCH: Samantha Bee Mocks Chemotherapy Patient For “Nazi Hair”

UPDATE: 12:15 PM – It appears the video in question has been removed from the Full Frontal YouTube channel. However, no official comment or apology has been made.

UPDATE: 12:45 PM – Full Frontal has apologized for “offending” Coddington:

Samantha Bee is not one to shy away from controversy. The liberal talk show host has made headlines repeatedly over the past year for edgy jokes and controversial statements. But now, Bee is coming under fire for a joke that seemingly went way too far.

In a recent episode of Full Frontal, Bee traveled to CPAC to make fun of various aspects of the conservative gathering. Among other things, Bee mocked CPAC attendees for having “Nazi hair.” An edgy joke to begin with, it only got worse. It soon came out that one of the attendees she mocked for having “Nazi hair” is actually a stage 4 brain cancer patient going through radiation and chemotherapy.

Kyle Coddington, left, is a Stage 4 brain cancer patient who was recently mocked by Samantha Bee for having “Nazi Hair.”

The cancer patient, Kyle Coddington, is a conservative political activist. According to Josh DeFord, one of Kyle’s close friends, Kyle had just completed his first round of radiation and chemotherapy the day before CPAC began.

UPDATE: The original video has been deleted from YouTube, but OUTSET Magazine Editor Stephen Perkins uploaded a copy of the clip to Twitter:

Understandably, Coddington’s family and friends were outraged, and took to Twitter to express their feelings:

Coddington’s sister, Megan:

Coddington’s friend, Brittany Chapa:

Coddington’s close friend, Josh Deford:

Coddington himself also took to Twitter to beg Samantha Bee to delete the episode:

At the time of publication, Samantha Bee has not responded to requests for an apology. However, this story will be updated with future developments.

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