WATCH: Simone Biles And Mr. T Use DWTS To Bring Glory To God

It was “Most-Memorable-Year” night on Dancing With the Stars on April 10th, which meant that each of the Stars were given the task to, well, choose their most memorable year.

Former Olympian Nancy Kerrigan reflected on her struggle to have children and the heartache of having a miscarriage.

Rashad Jennings danced to Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally” in a tribute to his wheelchair-bound father and the tumultuous relationship they once had that was restored.

Nick Viall, the most recent bachelor, chose 2016 as his most memorable year, because that is when he met his fiancee Vanessa Grimaldi.

Former Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross, to no surprise, also chose 2016 as his most memorable year.  He won the world series with a team that hadn’t won in over 100 years, but not before hitting a home run in the last plate appearance of his entire career. He dedicated his dance to his family, the Cubs, and the fans.

But while all of the stars danced with sincere emotion, two stars decided to use their platform to praise Jesus.

Mr. T, former A-Team Star, chose 1995, the year he was diagnosed with cancer, as his most memorable year. He said in the emotional pre-recorded video, “Back in the day I had money, cars, I had achieved what I wanted to achieve, and then everything really stopped.” After getting the news, Mr.T leaned on his faith to get him through.  He chose to dance to the song Amazing Grace.

“It’s easy to say you love God when everything is going good,” Mr. T said at the close of the video. “But bad things happen to good people.  My faith was tested and I think I passed the test.  I’m 64 years old and a 22-year cancer survivor… I can inspire other people and that’s what I feel my mission is.”

Watch the emotional performance below:

But Mr. T wasn’t the only contestant who chose to use the show to talk about their faith. Simone Biles chose the year 2000 as her most memorable year. That’s the year when she was adopted by her grandparents.  When Simone and her sister were young, they had been placed into foster care, and that’s when when her Grandparents “saved” her.

She says in the pre-recorded video, “Growing up, my biological mom was suffering from drug and alcohol abuse, and she was in and out of jail.  I never had mom to run to. But I do remember always being hungry and afraid.”

The song she chose to dance to was Chris Tomlin’s Good Good Father.  Biles visited Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois a few months back and she is quoted in an interview saying that her faith is “A very important part of [her] family and [her] life.”

Watch Simone’s dance below:

When given a platform, most people tend to glorify themselves and the things that they have accomplished. There is nothing wrong with feeling achievement, but it is a beautiful thing when people step aside and give God the glory. That’s definitely what we saw last night on Dancing with the Stars.

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