WATCH: Longhollow Baptist Church Pastor Robby Gallaty Shares His Powerful Testimony Of Redemption

Robby Gallaty

How does someone go from being a bouncer and drug dealer to pastoring one of the largest churches in Nashville? Just ask Robby Gallaty. Gallaty is the pastor of Longhollow Baptist Church, and a well-respected leader in the Southern Baptist Convention. His testimony is one of the most fascinating stories you’ll ever hear. But it’s a miracle he even lived long enough to share it.

To say that Robby Gallaty lived a troubled life would be an understatement. He started out working as a bartender and bouncer at a nightclub in New Orleans, but things went downhill from there. Robby became addicted to prescription pain pills, and stole thousands from his parents to pay for his drug addiction. At one point, Robby was spending $180 a day on heroin and cocaine. He eventually became a drug dealer.

But then Jesus showed up and changed everything.

Robby’s story is one of hope, redemption, and amazing grace. It’s an incredible story of God turning someone’s life around for the better. Most of all, the story of Robby Gallaty proves that no one is beyond hope.

Watch this powerful testimony below:

If you want to learn more about Robby Gallaty, you can follow him on Twitter. More information about Longhollow Baptist Church can be found here. 

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