WATCH: Trump Says Being President Has Made Him Rely On God More

In a recent interview with David Brody of the The Brody File, President Donald Trump revealed that serving as President has forced him to rely more on God.

Brody asked Trump about how becoming President has affected his spiritual journey, and if Trump has felt the need to pray more as President.

“I’ve always felt the need to pray,” Trump responded. “But I would say that the office is so powerful that you need God even more. Your decisions are no longer, “Gee I’m gonna build a building in New York,” but instead these are questions of massive life and death. You realize these decisions are all so important. There’s almost no decision that you make in this position that is not a life-altering decision. So God comes into it even more.”

'I've always felt the need to pray. But I would say that the office is so powerful that you need God even more.' - Donald TrumpClick To Tweet

Watch the full interview clip courtesy of The Brody File below:

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